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February 20th, 3:00 pm

Rape against women has been used as a weapon of war to destroy the entire fabric of the Congolese society – How can someone just stand and watch? We must denounce the violence and make the voices of women heard through our everyday work of media at MAMA RADIO 96.6Mhz.

Since I joined Mama Radio, I have discovered how much media is a tool for women. Previously without access to specialized training, women can now come here to learn journalism.

You cannot work with Mama Radio and remain the same person – it changes you. You become more than a journalist. You become a human rights defender. We struggle every day to ensure justice in cases of sexual and gender-based violence while further promoting gender equality and education in Congolese society.

Every Monday, we share stories from Congolese peace leaders as part of our "I #StandWithCongo" series.
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February 20th, 12:28 am

Take action for human rights in Congo. Request a Screening4Action of our film today:
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Take action for human rights in Congo. Request a Screening4Action of our film today buff.ly/1TPnR4f

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