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March 29th, 8:36 pm

“So happy this started awareness where I live,” said event lead Brandi.

The African American Women’s Summit of New Haven hosted a Screening4Action of #StandWithCongo’s documentary.

Thank you National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Club for bringing together Americans of all ages to stand in solidarity with Congolese peace leaders!
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March 27th, 7:12 pm

"I became a sewing instructor because I wanted to help people improve their lives by learning new skills.

Many of the women that I teach had very difficult lives. Previously, they had to do hard labor, getting paid almost nothing to carry bricks on their backs. But today, they are businesswomen running their own enterprises. They are self-sufficient. They work for themselves and their community.

I have seen Action Kivu’s program change women’s lives. When they graduate, they receive a sewing kit and return to their communities to start working in cooperatives. They make their own income. They are no longer dependent on men, so that no man can cheat or lie to them.

This program gives women economic independence. It allows both men and women to contribute to the household, creating mutual respect. It improves the relationships between women and men, wives and husbands."

Every Monday we share stories from Congolese peace leaders as part of our "I #StandWithCongo" series.
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